"Make Delicious Homemade Cookies Just Like Grandma Used to Make!"

Fabulous Old-Time Cokies

"Your House Will Soon Be Filled With Those Wonderful Aromas That Will Take You Back To Yesteryears At Grandma's House!"


These delicious cookie recipes have been lovingly handed down from generation to generation. Many of these delicious homemade cookies even date all the way back to colonial times! These are the hard to find precious gems your grandmother has carefully tucked away in her recipe box. I know you have struggled to find these recipes, and may not have been able to do so. Until now.
  • Fabulous Old-Time Cookies contains easy to follow cookie recipes for many old favorites.

    Discover how simple many of those delicious cookies are to make!

  • Fabulous Old-Time Cookies has many favorite cookie recipes your kids will love.

    What better way to have fun with your kids than an afternoon in the kitchen making these delicious homemade cookies!

  • Fabulous Old-Time Cookies contains many homemade cookie recipes you won't find anywhere else.

    You would spend many hours and probably a lot of money trying to recreate Grandma's recipe collection. Now these delicious homemade cookie recipes are all together again for one low price!

  • Fabulous Old-Time Cookies is formatted for ease of use.

    How many times have you taken an expensive cookbook into the kitchen only to sprinkle it with flour or drip egg all over it? Another fine book ruined! Now you can simply print the recipe you need and keep your expensive cookbooks out of harms way.

  • Fabulous Old-Time Cookies is jam packed with extras like cooking tips, food trivia and more!

    Learn how to add that special touch that made Grandma's homemade cookies so delicious!

Fabulous Old-Time Cookies contains 228 favorite recipes from generations past. Included are many recipes from around the world. All are in an easy to read format with each recipe on its own page for easy printing. PLUS, the book is just jam packed with cookie tips, food trivia and quotes to make your cookies even better.

Now you can make those fabulous old-time cookies just like grandma used to make! Fill your house with those delicious aromas that bring back childhood memories!

Look at all the great recipes you get!
Cookies have a long and colorful history. You may find looking through old cookbooks confusing. What are tea cakes, biscuits, Jumbles, tarts, Plunkets, Cry Babies? These are some of the many names these Heirloom cookies go by. Note: These are only some of the 228 incredible homemade cookie recipes in this cookbook!

American Heirlooms
Some of these date all the way back
to the revolutionary war!

Old-World Favorites
We went around the world to bring you
even more world class recipes!
Virginia Recipes
  • Shrewsbury Cakes
  • Tavern Biscuit
  • Afternoon Tea Cakes
  • Jumbles
  • Virginia Cookies
  • Ginger Cakes
  • Aunt Cinny's Gingercakes
  • Little Plum Cakes
  • Colonial Chess Cakes
  • Hot Butter Tea Cakes
  • Sugar Cookies
  • Wild Honey Cakes
  • Newport Egg Biscuit
New England Recipes
Scotch Recipes in Colonial America
  • Scotch Queen Cakes
  • Culpepper Oatmeal Cakes
  • Sorghum Cakes
Dutch Recipes in New York and Pennsylvania
  • Molasses Drop Cookies
  • Soft Sugar Cookies
Recipes from New Orleans
  • Creole Cocoanut Macaroons
  • French Fruit Cookies
  • Clabber Cakes
"Modern" American Recipes
  • Butterscotch Cookies
  • Brown Sugar Short Bread
  • Orange Wafers
  • Fried Jumbles
  • Quick Filled Cookies
  • Date Strips
  • Chocolate Pecan Cookies
  • Cinnamon Nut Meringues
  • Pecan Macaroons
  • Lady Fingers
Cookies Made with Wine
Recipes from France
  • Meringues a la Creme (Cream Meringues)
  • Gateaux au Noix (Walnut Cakes)
Recipes from Italy
  • Cavalucci di Italia (Nut Cakes of Italy)
  • Colombos (Doves)
  • Dolci Ravioli (Fried Tarts)
Recipes from England
  • Banbury Cakes
  • English Tea Cakes
Recipes from Scotland
  • Belfasts
  • Sour Cream Gingercake
Recipes from Ireland
  • Almond Short Bread
Recipes from Germany
Recipes from Holland
  • Beverwyks (Spice Cakes)
Recipes from Denmark
  • Kringler (Pretzels)
  • Svendsker (Ring Cookies)
Recipes from Norway
  • Krom Krage (Cream Cakes)
Recipes from Sweden
Recipes from Russia
  • Smettanick (Sour Cream Tarts)
Recipes from Turkey
  • Baklava (Honey Squares)
Recipes from China
  • Hang Yan Beng (Almond Cakes)
  • Fa Shang Bo (Peanut Puff)
Recipes from Mexico
  • Bien Me Sabe (Cocoanut Squares)

Look At What My Readers Say!


Thanks for the fantastic cookbook! The cookie recipes took me back to my Grandma's kitchen sitting on a stool peering in the oven window waiting anxiously for a warm cookie on a cool day as Grandma told me stories of when she was a girl helping in her grandma's kitchen.

Some of these recipes I haven't seen in years, it's great to have them again
in such a wonderful collection. Now, I will have them to share with my grandchildren one day with stories of yesteryear.

Chef Thea


Thanks for a delightful cookbook. Fabulous Old-Time Cookies
contains an amazing collection of cookies from so many different
countries that practically anyone is guaranteed to locate a recipe
that they thought was only a childhood memory.

The recipes from as far back as colonial times allow us to connect
with the past in a very powerful way. Your book makes it possible
to peer over the shoulders of not only our grandmothers but
several generations of great cooks and experience the same treats
that they did. Your cookbook is sure the become a favorite
in our house.

Willie Crawford, Author & Cooking Instructor

Your book, Fabulous Old-Time Cookies, is a home run, Shane!  What a delicious delivery of a magnificent idea!

The recipes in Fabulous Old-Time Cookies are for some of the most delicious cookies I have ever tasted or seen!  The irresistibly delicious cookie aromas flooding the house from the kitchen, however, have caused a problem.  If there is such a thing as drooling on an eBook, I've committed it.

Not only do the recipes produce the most delicious cookies on the planet, the background information you included is intriguing.  Furthermore, the tips sections really help those of us who are not yet accomplished cooks.  Thank you for the information on butter and margarine by the stick instead of by the tub.  How disappointed I would have been had I not known that.  Thank you for the discussion on baking soda and baking powder and the ways to tell if they were still "good."

And the section on the chemistry of cooking by itself is worth the price of the book.

I know this has been a labor of love and has taken a lot of time to bring forth.  It has been worth the wait.  No matter what you charge it isn't enough.  No reader will be disappointed.

Everyone who enters the kitchen should have a copy of Fabulous Old-Time Cookies and should buy a copy for everyone they love!

I can't wait for your next one, Shane!  Please keep me on your list to announce it.

Paul Elliot
Paul Elliott
Fractal I-Marketing®
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Shane, I've got to have Fabulous Old-Time Cookies right now!

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What Makes This Cookbook So Special?

These are original homemade cookie recipes. Many of the recipes in Fabulous Old-Time Cookies are not easily gotten elsewhere. You are more likely to find these recipes in your grandma's recipe collection than anywhere else.

This cookbook is formatted for ease of use with each cookie recipe on its own page. This makes it easy to print out one recipe at a time. Don't mess up your expensive cookbooks in the kitchen! Simply print out the recipe you need and take that one page to the kitchen with you.

This cookbook is designed to take you instantly to the recipe you want. Who wants to scroll through 140 pages to get to the recipe you want? Not me. In Fabulous Old-Time Cookies one click takes you from the front directly to the cookie recipe you want.

Plus there are 2 additional indexes which will let you choose cookie recipes by event or the ingredients. This is a great timesaver when it comes to selecting what to bake!

You get more than just a list of homemade cookie recipes. Fabulous Old-Time Cookies is loaded with tips, trivia, and quotes to make your baking even better! You may find yourself reading this cookbook just because of all the extras in it!


I completely surprised my wife with my overnight ability to bake delicious
cookies and it has provided our family with another opportunity to add an
activity to bring us closer together.

Your book is so well organised I had no trouble at all finding what I wanted.
Just click and I found it.

The recipes were well explained and for the first time, I did not feel lost
and confused about baking cookies - regardless of which country's recipe
I was trying.

The tips that accompanied each page and recipe are tremendously useful
and gave me that assuredness to know what I was doing - I really did! No
more crossing my fingers and hoping it turns out fine at the end.

I particularly love the comprehensive chapter recommending the possible
cookie combinations to match various activities and festivities.

Fantastic book and I'll be recommending this as an option to add to
one's quality of life for my life coaching clients.

Alex Pairin, Life CoachAlex Pairin
Life Coach
Coaching that Evolves You into the Quality of Life
You've Always Wanted

You get at least 10 times your money's worth!

This cookbook is lower priced than many of the big, glossy books you will find in your bookstore. You don't even have to waste your time going to the bookstore. This cookbook is downloaded instantly to your computer.

I am my biggest fan! Many of these recipes have been personally tested in my own kitchen. You also get my notes and pictures of my results. After looking at it I'm sure you'll agree its worth every penny you paid and then some! You would spend hundreds of hours and a lot of money trying to find all the heirloom cookie recipes gathered in this one book!

Shane Bryan's new cookbook, Fabulous Old Time Cookies, is one that you must have.
Cookie making is almost a lost art.  I know of no better way to cross the generation barriers than to bake a batch of cookies.  The joy of seeing little hands mixed with grandmother's hands in a heap of dough and flour is supreme.
I love cookies. I love Shane's book--it's one we all need.  Even if we don't bake Shane's cookies, we will enjoy learning the history of the different types of cookies, as we develop an appreciation of the cooks who bake.
Reading this book can help us deal with the stress of modern life. Cookies are truly comfort food, even if we don't eat them. Thinking about them can be enough; but I confess that when I think about these cookies very long, I am compelled to bake a batch!
Fabulous Old Time Cookies reminds me of some of the happiest times of my childhood, when my mother and I used to bake cookies.  The book will remind all of us of what is good and wholesome in our homes.
Cookbook collectors need this book, which is an updated classic.  No matter how many cookbooks you may already have, you need Shane's book.
He has presented a collection of mouth-watering, old fashioned cookies with beautiful pictures and helpful hints.  He and his sister Barbara have tried these recipes and taken the photographs.  The neat notes at the bottom of each page tell about how to simplify the process of baking the cookies.  His special instructions guarantee success.  He has included  fascinating information, sometimes about the history of the cookies and sometimes about the evolving process of using certain ingredients.
Shane has taken a classic idea and applied modern technology to give us an e-book about cookie making.  We can print only the pages we need. When we spill butter and flour on our recipes, we can discard them and print more.
Don't miss the opportunity to own this book!

Mary Lou and Shane at Orlando Internet Superconference December 2004Mary Cheatham, Author
Flavored With Love
For the best food you'll ever put in your mouth!™

Mary Lou and Shane
Orlando Internet Superconference December 2004

Advantages of buying a Digital Cookbook:
  • Convenience - find the cookie recipe you want, print it out, and take it to the kitchen. No more messing up your expensive cookbooks while cooking.
  • Easy Search - looking for that particular cookie recipe? Just let your computer search for it using keywords.
  • Space Saving - save some room on your bookshelves for your other favorite books.
  • Lasts Forever - you will never lose it because it's stored on your computer.
  • Fully Indexed - You can use our table of contents to see what looks good and then jump from one homemade cookie recipe to the next without having to scroll through over 100 pages.
  • Customer Service - If you have any trouble at all with the download process, I will make sure you get access to your book. My customers are my business!
Look at all these extras!

You get Fabulous Old-Time Cookies, packed with 228 delicious homemade cookie recipes and tips. PLUS, you will get all these extras packed into this book!

This  recipe book is  great. It is packed full of great tasting cookie recipes. It also has lots of great tips that have helped me out a lot in my baking. I found myself reading through this book just to see what tips, quotes and trivia came next. Thanks, Shane, for putting out such a great book!

Ben B, WA

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A Homemade Christmas: 100 Simple And Delicious Recipes For Your Special Christmas Meals

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Mouthwatering Homemade Candy: 334 Easy To Make Recipes

Homemade candy is a year-round treat, but it's especially delicious during the holidays. Stir up sweet family traditions in the kitchen this season with these delicious homemade candy and fudge recipes. Helping grandma make candy used to be the highlight of my holidays! Now I continue the tradition with my own family and these delicious homemade candy recipes.

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Like Grandma Used To Make

Like Grandma Used To Make: Over 300 Old-Time Recipes!

Wish you could relive some of those wonderful childhood memories of Grandma's cooking? Grandma didn't even need to read a recipe or use a measuring spoon...she just somehow "knew" what the right amount of ingredients were. That's what makes Grandmas so great! Don't you wish you knew how to cook like that, to smell the pies baking, to taste the delicious cookies again? Well now you can!

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