Fabulous Old-Time Cookies

How To Safely Ship Your Cookies

By Shane Bryan

Shipping delicious homemade cookies to faraway loved ones during the holidays is a favorite gift giving idea shared by millions. Fresh baked cookies make wonderful gifts. For those on a budget, homemade cookies are a loving and thoughtful way to remember everyone on your list. And don’t forget our troops stationed overseas. They always appreciate a little taste of home and it makes them feel appreciated and supported. Some types of cookies ship much better than others. This is what we will cover in this article along with tips on packaging.

Some of your best cookie choices for shipping are ones that don’t break easily like unfrosted bars, chewy or fudge like brownies, drop cookies and firm cut-out cookies. Poor choices for shipping include cake-like brownies or bars, soft cookies, frosted cookies or bars and anything with ingredients that might spoil or melt in warm weather.

You don’t want to pick cookies with sharp points as the travel will probably break the points. Use smaller designs with your cut-out cookies as they will be less likely to break during shipping.

While it is not generally recommended, I have had good luck shipping frosted cookies. Just make sure you use something harder like a glaze or royal icing. If carefully packed in layers, this should work just fine.

Always make sure your cookies are cooled completely before packing or you may have problems with sogginess.

You will want to pack differently flavored cookies in separate containers. The flavors will mingle during shipping. You will also want to keep crisp and soft cookies packed separately. Packing together will soften your crisp cookies.

Use sturdy foil-lined containers or tins. Airtight containers work best. Use a layer of crumpled wax paper on bottom for cushioning. Wrap round cookies back to back in pairs. Wax paper or cellophane work excellent for this. Place a small piece between your cookie pairs to keep them from sticking together. These may be stacked flat or on end. Pack snugly with the heavier cookies on the bottom. Use crushed wax paper in any holes to prevent jiggling. Layer bars between sheets of waxed paper. Use wax paper to cushion container at the top and keep everything snug.

Carefully pack your container or containers in your shipping box. Use lots of crumpled newspaper, packing peanuts or other packing material to carefully cushion everything. If you are looking for a light and environmentally friendly packing material, try air-popped popcorn with no oil.

Seal the box with shipping tape and cover the address label with clear tape for protection. Always clearly label your box “PERISHABLE” to encourage careful and speedy handling. Labeling the box “FRAGILE, HANDLE WITH CARE” couldn’t hurt either.

If you follow these steps, your cookies should always arrive fresh and undamaged, no matter what the post office does to them. I’ve shipped lots of cookies over the years with no problems.

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